Group Picture
Left to Right; Back to Front:Edward Chainani, Zakiah Pierre, Aaron Keith, Chris Beyer; Yiseul Cho, Rebekah Wilson, Madhav Khanna

Nominally focused on analytical chemistry, the Scheeline group has a variety of interests which you may explore in these web pages. The many disparate threads are connected by a theme of using physical theory, measurement science, and engineering to solve problems in chemical biology and materials characterization. Nonlinear systems, displaying non-periodic or non-monotonic behavior, seed most current interests. The need to monitor many species simultaneously has led to sensor and instrument development, with spin-offs feeding progress in answering conventional biomedical questions. We also are involved in the teaching, service, and economic development missions of the University of Illinois. Teaching links are available mainly through the WebCT server for those with passwords at Outreach to high school students is through the WaterCAMPWS program, to students of all ages through participation in development of the Analytical Sciences Digital Library, and through participation in Project Skywatcher, under development by Jarnac Observatory.

Our Group in the News

In recognition of our paper in Applied Spectroscopy (Volume 64, Issue 9, Pages 256A-268A, September 2010) and the Open Access ASDL description of a Cell Phone Spectrophotometer, the U of I put out a press release that was picked up by WIRED magazine and many others. For latest updates, software ports, and outgrowths of the Cell Phone Spectrometer, see our group's hosting of the ASDL paper.